WORN WEAR | Patagonia launch the ultimate thrift shop for explorers.

After years of hosting pop-up events like packing out east London’s Spitalfields market last summer, outdoor wear heavyweights Patagonia are finally making their Worn Wear scheme a permanent fixture. The idea is a simple one – purchase gear either new or used and wear it with mud and memories until you’re ready to trade it in. Then, head down to your local Patagonia shop, where you can hand in used gear in exchange for credit to use either in-store or online. 

Worn Wear items don’t just come from customers, either – though those that did have been given a special section of Patagonia’s website dedicated to the stories that were forged while people wore them. Many are from the company’s distribution centres, where they’d otherwise have sat, gathering dust.

This is the ultimate thrift store for adventurers.