Photo: Unsplash @jensjohnsson

THE GOOD LIFE | A complete guide to Swedish living.

You only need to stroll around Stockholm’s centre to see how it’s chic, relaxed and laid back vibe contrasts sharply with the unending bustle of your typical city. Here, life runs a little slower and more ‘considered’.

Scandinavians have already schooled us in style and taught us the art of minimalism, but could the Swedes also be holding the key to a happier life?

Sweden consistently tops quality of life polls. And, when you read a little more about the country’s psychology – living off the land, feasting on whatever the fields and fjords have to offer – maintaining that “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.” `So, even in near-freezing temperatures, BBQs, hikes and picnics aren’t off the menu – it’s easy to see why. 

From the importance of sharing the land with others to why you shouldn’t be working off the clock, this is everything you need to know about Scandi living.