Photo: Unsplash @benosullivan

WORK IT | Five exercises personal trainers wish you’d skip.

Weights, yoga, running, dancing, counting your steps – whatever you’re doing to get your body moving is certainly better than nothing at all. But, could some of the classic exercises we’ve been doing in the gym actually be doing more harm than good?

Exercise physiologist and education specialist Jacqueline Crockford has outlined five drills we should be ditching, and suggested moves to try instead that not only push our bodies harder, but lessen the risk of injury, too.

By swapping crunches for bird dogs, which stabilise the entire trunk, putting less stress on the neck and swerving tricep bench dips in favour of tricep push-ups on the knees, which decrease the risk of shoulder injuries, you can fine-tune your fitness regime and make sure you’re getting something out of every drop of sweat poured in.