Photo: Ella Louise Sullivan / @GrandDishes

GRAND DISHES | The cookbook celebrating recipes from grandmothers around the world.

If your granny’s cooking is the best you’ve ever tasted, she might be in for a chance of getting her special family recipe published. Two London-based foodies have set about creating a cookbook full of recipes and stories from grandmothers around the world.

Inspired by their own German and Greek grannies, authors Iska Lupton and Anastasia Miari are crowdfunding the Grand Dishes cookbook with award-winning publisher Unbound. Pledge levels vary from the option to get yourself a book through to nominating your own granny for inclusion in the final published cookbook, which will be distributed by Penguin Random House. Leading foodies such as Anna Jones and Margot Henderson are also submitting their own grandmothers’ recipes with dedications also appearing in the book.

Not a book about what it’s like to be old, Grand Dishes is instead about what it’s like to have lived. Celebrating grandmothers, their full lives and heart-warming food that nourishes body and soul, this book includes age-old techniques (like cooking on fire or making homemade pasta) and recipes that otherwise risk being lost forever.

Featuring a portrait of each grandmother – shot on film using a 1960s Mamiya camera for a nostalgic, timeless feel – their recipe and a story or anecdote that says something about their chosen dish, Grand Dishes promises plenty of nutritious life lessons from extraordinary women.