Photo: Instagram @thejaunt aka Corleone

CULTURAL IMMERSION | The art that’s inspired by exploring the world.

The idea of travelling the world to make art might sound like a bohemian dream but for some artists this has become a reality thanks to a new initiative called The Jaunt. Launched in 2013 by curator Jeroen Smeets, the project sends a selection of handpicked artists to far-flung corners of the globe for an exploration of a country or city that’s completely new to them. The art produced as a result of the trip is then screen-printed and sold on The Jaunt’s website, with only 50 limited-edition prints available to buy each time.

Recent destinations have included Slovenia’s Ljubljana, Tromso in Norway, Valencia in Spain and Yakushima in Japan. Acting as a catalyst to creativity, every trip offers full submersion into another culture, the idea being that each artist documents their adventures from beginning to end so they take their buyers on their travels with them. Anything from a morning coffee to impressive architecture and iconic landmarks can inspire each piece – meaning you can experience an entirely new destination through The Jaunt without ever leaving the house.