Photo: Stephanie Sian Smith

SENSORY EFFECT | Is light therapy the next big thing in yoga?

A new type of yoga is putting a multi-sensory spin on wellness in east London. The concept of Chromayoga was launched by Nina Ryner last year and combines light, scent and sound with colour-therapy techniques to produce a series of immersive classes designed to stimulate the body and brain. According to Ryner, “My interest is really about creating a transformative space that can take you to somewhere without all the distractions.”

Based on scientific research into the effect that light frequencies have on our body – red light has anti-stress properties, blue impacts sleep cycles and yellow boosts digestion and self-esteem – Ryner’s Shoreditch studio sees light saturation put an accent on classes that vary in pace and difficulty, while bespoke soundscapes and natural scents help create an experience more akin to an art installation.

One journalist’s recent experience of the yellow-hued class saw her feel bright and energised, with time spent under the yellow light stimulating “the feeling of spending a long, scorching day at the beach” while the yellow shade made everyone look radiant. Plus, endorsed by Stella McCartney at the launch of her SS18 collection in New York, it’s sure to prove popular on both sides of the Atlantic.