Photo: Instagram / @hellopatch

GARDENING 101 | Going green has never been easier.

With their air-purifying, mood-boosting and sleep-improving powers, the benefits of a house plant aren’t just aesthetic – but keeping them alive and flourishing isn’t always the easiest feat. Until Patch. Founded by entrepreneur Freddie Blackett, the concept is simple – bespoke gardens for all, no matter where they live or how green-fingered you are/aren’t.

The Patch team has teamed up with Alice Vincent, author of “How to Grow Stuff” – a no-stress guide to gardening – to produce the ultimate plant instruction manual. It talks you through everything from utilising light sources and selecting the best plant for your space to just how often you’re supposed to feed the things. Best of all, it’s completely free – just visit Patch, enter your email and it’ll land straight in your inbox.