Photo: Instagram / baylenlatona

BUMP IT | This new streetwear shopping app is stamping out fakes.

With streetwear culture hitting the mainstream in recent years, hyped brands and products are trickier than ever to get hold of. Snaking queues outside inner-city stores and savvy brands putting out hyper-limited drops each week has created high demand and a lucrative resale market. Within that world, new online marketplace Bump has big plans to link up sellers and buyers.

Having met at Newcastle University, friends Jack Ryder and Sam Howarth launched the platform with a view to making it even easier to land sought after streetwear and sneakers. Although it’s a crowded marketplace – the likes of Grailed, Depop, eBay and swathes of specialist Facebook groups – Bump’s founders are confident that combining a community-led approach with the functionality of a fully fledged marketplace – plus a panel of experts on hand to spot fakes – will place them top of the pile.