Photo: Unsplash – Pangram

LOOK WITHIN | 12 life-affirming questions to change your world.

Reversing the notion that we should be searching for life’s answers, one editor at Thought Catalog instead urges us to examine the questions we ask as a way of framing who we are and why we’re here. Ryan Holiday has explored the works of some of the world’s most revered philosophers, writers and thought leaders to discover how it is we reach the questions that form the basis of our existence.

Whether using Goethe’s incisive inquiry, “Tell me who you spend time with and I will tell you who you are,” to analyse who are most important to us, asking the question “what does my ideal day look like” as a way of organising your time or dwelling on the query “who is this for” as a way of focusing creative energies, Holiday challenges conventional thought in order to concentrate your resources on where they matter.