Photo: Taken from ‘This is America’ Childish Gambino

PROTEST MUSIC | Why Childish Gambino’s latest video has the entire world’s attention

Sparking wave after wave of outrage and opinion pieces with its release earlier this month, Childish Gambino’s first release since 2014’s Grammy-nominated Awake, My Love has proved one of the year’s most memorable videos. ‘This is America’, the track’s bold visual treatment unfolds over four ultra-violent minutes and follows Childish Gambino – aka US producer, rapper, actor and presenter Donald Glover – on a crazed rampage through a disused parking lot.

Named last year among Time’s 100 Most Influential People, Glover’s take on the state of America sees him revisit pop culture, parodying dance fads and distracting viral content, address issues of race by referencing Jim Crow – a theatrical racist stereotype – and hold a mirror up to the country’s ongoing battle with gun violence with the shocking execution of a church choir. Directed by Glover’s long-standing collaborator and director of Atlanta Hiro Murai, ‘This Is America’ shows Glover at his most urgent and relevant and makes its mark as one of the year’s standout cultural moments.