Photo: Mr Pascal Tournaire

RUNNING WILD | Up your game with the most awe-inspiring trails on the planet.

If the treadmill in your local gym isn’t quite cutting it any longer, maybe it’s time to take your training to pastures new. If you can run anywhere, why not run in the best place possible? From crossing the rusty reds of the Grand Canyon to running past lions and elephants in South Africa, this selection of running events and races has been curated for its awe-inspiring views that’ll keep you going and push your endurance to the absolute limit.

Drink in the dreamy ocean vistas along Australia’s Great Ocean Road or gasp in Chamonix’s fresh mountain as you race up Mont Blanc along trails that redefine running not just as a mode of exercise but as a route to adventure. Marathons and races can also take you trail running across the Great Wall of China, through the surreal lunar landscape of Jordan’s Petra and through picturesque corners of Havana for an endorphin hit like no other.