BRAIN FOOD | The vending machine designed to meet your emotional needs.

First commissioned for Sydney’s Art and About programme, Intangible Goods is the first vending machine to feed not your unhealthy sugar or salt cravings, but your mind. Conceived by artists Mark Starmach and Elizabeth Commandeur, the installation aims to cater for our emotional and mental needs through the imaginative items on offer and has raised thousands of dollars for local mental health charities to date.

The candy-striped machine’s “conveniently packaged consumables for the mind” range from origami sculptures to inspiring notes, prompts and even maps. Customers in need of anything from friendship, purpose, belonging and reassurance can turn to this art installation for a dose of positivity and a push in the right direction. If Sydney is a little far to travel, rest assured that the artists are planning to tour Intangible Goods, delivering a snack you won’t regret having pushed those buttons for.