SILENT HUSTLE | The most successful people are the ones you’ve never heard of.

According to American author, marketer and entrepreneur Ryan Holiday, you’ve actually never heard of the majority of the world’s most successful people. Pointing to the concept of survivorship bias – where, among the very few stories and identities in the history books, those who actively sought fame and fortune are overrepresented – Holiday says there are plenty of success stories that flew below the radar.

Going by the French mantra that “In order to live happily, live hidden”, Holiday continues to claim that extreme success can bring extreme costs, whether that be the burden of public office, a target placed on their back from critics, less creative freedom or endless reunion tours. “There are diminishing returns to happiness the higher you get in the income tax bracket,” he says. “Once your basic needs (and then some) are taken care of, money may actually make things harder.” His overall message is clear – don’t fret missing the big breaks and consider that it’s those with just-enough-success-but-not-too-much who are truly the lucky ones.